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Mike Hall

                Waterman Writer Poet Photographer
                Self-Publisher Artist Songwriter Naturalist
                Philosopher Student of life...     

I have been writing all my life and have  a deep love of nature, art and photography.  The number of writings, stories and photo projects I am working on is as long as both of my arms!

Works include 'Armed & Ready', 'Momentum', 'Exercise Your Assets',  'Always Seek the Perfect Wave' and a fictional project,  'The Golden Rain of the Desert'...

I will be working with Felix  ( my sage brother ) to complete mystical stories and projects and will share all of these as soon as they are available. 
Mystic -  student of mysticism, one who believes in the gaining of spiritual insight through revelation, a person who meditates in order to transcend ordinary human reality, one who is on a journey to understand all the principles within the sphere of life. We choose a combination of all, but limited to none, for we beleive in the limitless, boundless expansion emanating from The SOURCE.

Mysticism is the search for Spiritual truth
and is based on
the fact
that we believe
there is something more...

" Let It Flow "
Works include Dancing Discoverer, Flaming Flutter, Skyward Spiral, and two novels currently in progress. In additon, I am collaborating with Mike on a number of projects, both literary and audio visually oriented.  I hope to share these over time as my projects are completed.

Bio: Some Additional History:

I have:

*   Graduated from the Dale Carnegie Institute and have
    participated as an Assistant Instructor in the same course.
*   Been a student of the Spiritual/Mystic fields for over 40 years.
*   Studied under the person who discovered and trained famed
    psychic -  John Edward.
*   Lectured on the subjects of Metaphysics, Energy, and
*   Been sought for assistance with healing and spiritual
   counseling on many   different levels.

    I am working on a number of projects combining history, science, drama, metaphysics and mysticism, plus some of my own inspiration that I wish to share with others. I am collaborating with my Kindred Spirit Brother - Mike on a number of projects, both literary and audio visually oriented.  We hope to share these over time as all these projects are completed.

"...from the ashes of the fires... that crumbled my Soul...
  I arise anew,
   fueled by a stronger fire, that Lights my Soul..."

- May Peace be with you all always...

Bio: Some Additional History:

web designer - i do love to layout and design marketeer - always got something up my sleeve  artist - i am intense when it comes to canvas and painting as I go into a trance and become the creative medium connoisseur - spice is the variety of life and how I do love to taste and try new things   wine lover - nothing like a good merlot or a hearty cabernet or even a touch of classic champange   cigar lover - one of few vices but I do love a good smoke with a beautiful view and time to dream   bbq gourmet - love to experiment in order to figure out how to cook outdoors and produce some fine bbq fare   amateur musician - love to play the guitar   adventurerer - love the challenge of nature and seeing what's around the next bend   explorer - love the vistas that have not been touched or experienced   visionary - can see the way it should be and can imagine the finest of scenes in living color,   thinker - can spend hours reflecting,   dreamer - coupled with imagination is what keeps me going   surfer - waves have been a love of my life   sailor - the sea the wind the quiet of the sails   diver - love that clear water and all the creatures therein   loner - have spent a lot of time in my own company and enjoyed it for the most part   beach bum- still trying to figure out how to do this one full time and make a good living at it !

" Pursue Your Interest with All Your Heart and Help Others Do the Same... "

And Just Who are these Mystics ?
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Writer, Photographer, Philosopher, Musician, Songwriter, Mystic, Spiritualist,  Linguist - has shared experiences with many cultures.
Felix Ruiz
Samples of Felix's  Work:

Melodies In Motion - Dancing Discoverer
Melodies in Motion - The Sparrow
GoodBye - the Loss of a Loved One
Why Paint The Rock
Samples of Mike's Work

Mystic Idealism
Gaelyn's Run
As I Rise
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At Least for Today
Master Weavers of the Universe
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So Much More
In God's Window


Weavers of the Loom
Book of Tools I
College Park Reunion 2012
Pamela Hall -- Associate Member

    A very dynamic writer, Pam has a number of included samples of her work in the form of essays and prose.  She is currently working on gathering her other essay's for publication and is working with Mike on a dramatic, space based adventure story.  Stay Tuned... !

         click on the following links to see examples of Pam's Work - The Sentinel in the Dark  and  The Single Strand
and In the Footsteps of Others  and Going Home.
-- Associate Members --
Brian Macaione -- Associate Member

    Digital media, Photography and Filmwork  - Brian's pictures show a special insight to very sensitive composition, lighting and exposure as well as technical quality.  A mix of different themes from extreme heavy metal to drama to pure natural settings as well as both dynamic and simple portraiture.  You will find a host of flexibility and talent in his portfiliol  A pure pleasure to view his work.

*   click on the following links to see examples of Brian's Work - both still and cinematography...

KidBehindtheCamera   ( stills ) ( website )  (video compilation of his work for 2012)

Combined Works:

Creativity Is a Weird Thing
The Art of the Realm